Taking eyewear essentials to the
next level.

The brand’s imagery and collaborations are an additional medium of expression for the duo, from their imagination and creative desire.


Our creative development is visualized in our Parisian workshop. We repeat the process of product development and prototype evaluation until it reaches our required standard of quality with perfect proportions.

Every single PETER AND MAY frame must be approved in our Parisian workshop.

Our atelier in Paris handles design, conception, prototyping, and shipping all in one place. Thus, we can always keep an eye on each step of the process to deliver a flawless product. Our Parisian team checks the quality, refines the polish, adjusts the frames, and hand-checks every part of the product before handing it to you.

Touchez, manipulez, vérifiez les finitions. la qualité se vérifie dans le temps.


Our years of experience, and the wisdom conveyed by our elders have confirmed our formula. We continuously nourish our know-how to make a product we can be proud of.


In 2021 we introduced eco-acetate to our collections; an eco-friendly, plant-based thermoplastic material. We began using this eco-friendly form of acetate as soon as stocks from our suppliers allowed us to.

Our protective lenses are fitted with an internal anti-reflective coating for optimal protection, and our sun lens tints are custom-made in our partners' workshops.


We no longer rely on single-use boxes. We now ship our products in a reusable bag made in Italy from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) of certified herringbone cotton, a program for eco-friendly cotton.

Our new case is made of ISO certified recycled materials

This manufacturing process meets strict requirements for chemical restrictions as well as social and environmental considerations.


PETER AND MAY eyewear is designed with the utmost care, and we apply the same high standards of quality to every aspect of our work.

The sense of community and passion that everyone puts into their work makes PETER AND MAY a kind of a family-run business. Our team follows the internal quality procedures and carefully inspects each part of the product in our Paris-based workshop before handing it to you/

All PETER AND MAY titanium frames are handmade using traditional techniqueemployed by our highly skilled Japanese craftsmen to ensure durability and comfort.
La collection titane a été entièrement repensée et actualisée, avec de nouveaux codes, plus de technicité et de détails.