'PARIS X MARSEILLE': An Inspiring Balance

For the duration of a sunset we immersed ourselves in the vibrance of Marseille, a source of creative energy. 'PARIS X MARSEILLE' celebrates Marseille's captivating beauty, blending its warmth and serenity with Parisian elegance.

Launched as a limited edition capsule collection, it features three models of sunglasses: SON CRYSTAL BLUE GRADIENT, MIMOSA BLACK BLUE GRADIENT, VIPER CRYSTAL BLUE GRADIENT.

These lenses are distinguished by their subtle gradient of deep and luminous blues, inspired by the mesmerizing and ever-changing hues of Marseille's waters. The blue gradient evokes the sparkling waves and reflections of the sea under the Mediterranean sun. This color has been meticulously crafted in our partners' workshops to closely resemble real-life tones. The lenses are produced in a base 2 and treated with an internal anti-reflective coating.