95 manufacturing steps are necessary to guarantee a perfect end result for our products. Drying acetate allows us to maintain the hygrometry within the plate from which each pair of glasses is made. This results in a healthier material, with skin contact awareness being a priority that influences all our choices. Acetate plates compression extends durability and perfects the polishing by increasing the density of the material.


The components and materials we use are specifically chosen for their origin, technicality and durability: Mazzucchelli acetate (Italy), titanium (Japan), Barberini glass lenses (Italy), OBE 5-knuckles hinges (Germany) to ensure product sustainability.

As of 2021, we introduced eco-acetate to our collections, an eco-friendly, plant-based thermoplastic material. We use this eco-friendly version of acetate as soon as stocks from our suppliers allow it.

Our protective lenses are fitted with an internal anti-reflective coating for optimized protection and our sun lenses tints are custom-made in our partners' workshops.


We no longer rely on single-use boxes. We now ship our products in a reusable bag made in Italy from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified herringbone cotton, a program for eco-friendly cotton.

Our new case is made of ISO certified recycled materials. This manufacturing process meets strict requirements for chemical restrictions as well as social and environmental considerations.

The single plastic pouches protecting our products have been replaced with pouches made from TDPA™, a family of oxo-biodegradable plastic that disintegrates much faster than common plastic.


Our Parisian workshop covers design, conception, prototyping and shipping all in one place. Thus, we always keep an eye on all the process steps to deliver a flawless product. Our Parisian team checks the quality, refines polishing, adjusts the frames and hand-checks each piece of the product before handing it to you. Once these steps are approved, the product is then prepared and shipped.