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Paris, where everything was imagined, where everything is created.
Inspired by its aura, the luminous images showcase the new Peter and May collection in various singular Parisian streets, in Cité Paradis in front of the Libertino, on Boulevard Haussmann at the Grands Magasins, Place de la Madeleine, where a few meters away the founders launched their first collection.

  • The new shades of the season are bright and tangy, like an extension of summer: LAVANDE, CRYSTAL SUNRISE, YELLOW TORTOISE.

    The PARIS PARADIS 2022 collection imposes the need for color, freshness and strong individuality. It dresses as much as it is wearable, and illustrates the idea of a simple and necessary joy of living.

  • Since 2012, the duo's will is to create an allure, an elegant modernity, a confidence in one's everyday style: this is the Parisian spirit.

  • This season, it reissues the SISTER style originally launched at the the brand’s inception, enriching it with the new, modernized and distinctive codes of the brand. This frame, along with the new PERLE optical style, supports the LT LIGHT collection, launched last fall. It features refined acetates with rounded lines that create a more natural reflection on the face. The OBE hinges were chosen for their ISS technology, which ensures smooth movement and limits screw loosening.

  • The GOOSE and ANGEL sunglasses styles, and JEANETTE and MAMA opticals are made from thick acetate, with a perfect balance of bold volumes and pure lines.

    The sunglasses are equipped with a maximum UV protection UV400, are semi- flat, treated with internal anti-reflection, and polarized for some.

  • Whenever made possible by the existing stocks of Mazzucchelli craftsmen, the acetates are chosen in their eco-responsible version. This season, BLACK, CRYSTAL and SAGUARO are made from sustainable acetate and the colors are named "BIO".